Taking to the Field

Welcome to Left Back Footy. After a few years scripting and sharing my thoughts on the game of cricket @ http://www.sillypointcricket.com it’s time to talk football…

So what can you expect to discover at Left Back Arena. Articles currently in training and knocking the manager’s door down for a debut soon will showcase skills such as Europe’s monopoly on World Cup places, book reviews, fantasy football tips (Ha, me giving tips!), players to look out for when football does resume, why I, an Englishman, follow FC Nantes and maybe even some first hand accounts of my ‘glory’ days (!) as a Sunday League footballer.

Football is the beautiful game. It can inspire, motivate and captivate amongst many things. These are dark times but out of darkness can come only light. Football will be back and Left Back Footy will be in the team… or on the bench at least, or watching from the sidelines. Join me for the journey!

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Planet Paul

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