Ravel Morrison – Your Time is Now!

Ravel Morrison has a history of failing to deliver on the pitch. In fact, he has a history of failing to get on the pitch. He has however scored three goals in each of the Premier League and Liga MX so must possess some of the quality that so many would have us believe. Ex-teammates and YouTube videos don’t lie!

Ravel Morrison has a history of failing to deliver on the pitch… but according to those ex-teammates and YouTube videos, Ravel Morrison has a history of delivering on the training ground. So wouldn’t now be as good a time as any for a manager to throw caution to the wind and just let Morrison express himself on the pitch? Because when teams do retake to the field, with no fans in the ground it’ll feel like a training ground affair. Unfortunately for Morrison, he’s been shipped off to Middlesbrough on loan and the likelihood of the Championship resuming is getting slimmer by the minute. With Sheffield Utd chomping at the bit for a European place, Chris Wilder is unlikely to turn to the risky Morrison, which does beg the question as to why he signed him in the first place!

It’s easy to write Morrison off as someone who didn’t live up to the hype but recent managers haven’t really backed him. Maybe he doesn’t put the effort in on the training ground or maybe he has to prove himself more than others because he’s deemed to be an unfulfilled talent. There comes a point though where you’d like to think that somebody might just let him run loose. Even one assist might just light the spark to ignite the fire. Playing in front of empty seats might just be what the 27-year-old needs before he then delivers when fans return too.

Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, Marcus Rashford and the rest will soon grace the playing surface once again and showcase their skills… but will Morrison ever do so?

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One thought on “Ravel Morrison – Your Time is Now!

  1. Yes that’s quite an interesting post. Morrison is an interesting player too who’s got the skill but seems to be shipped off across the world to then be not played as often. He needs a regular start at Middlesbrough to reignite his career and see whether he is good enough for higher levels


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