Euro 2021?

What was Euro 2020 has been rescheduled for next summer but there must be serious doubts as to whether or not the competition will take place at all.

In a novel approach the tournament is due to be held in twelve cities across Europe. Immediately that rings alarm bells and if the competition is likely to proceed it may be better served to be located in just one country. Will we really all be vaccinated and able to fly around the continent without being quarantined for weeks on end by next summer? If the competition is going to be devoid of fans then surely travel etc. for the players should be kept to a minimum, for everybody’s safety. By that I mean both the staff and the general public in any host countries.

Of course there’s still the small matter of the European Championship play-offs to complete and don’t forget that there’s a World Cup in Qatar in the winter of 2022… for which teams need to qualify?

As frustrating as it may be and whilst I’d love sport and life in general to progress in these difficult times, it may be that it just isn’t possible to execute all of these competitions. As I’m sure is the case for Olympic athletes who’ve trained so hard, it would be bitterly disappointing for football players to miss out on the opportunity to represent their nation at a major tournament. Not meaning to be a doom monger but it just might not be feasible.

What are your thoughts? Are there ways around it, alternatives? Will things have progressed by then to make the competitions executable?

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