Young Gun!

Eredivisie outfit Ado Den Haag, the team saved from possible relegation by a combination of Alan Pardew and Coronavirus, have signed Emilio Estevez… no not that one!

Emilio Estevez Tsai is a 21-year-old Canadian born Chinese Taipei international midfielder. He’s joined the Dutch side from Ontario based Canadian club York 9.

I can’t actually source any information about the origin of his name but can only assume that his parents (Dad maybe?) are big fans of a certain 1998 cowboy film and its sequel… or a trilogy about ice hockey and ducks… or a film about a stakeout and its sequel… now what was that one called?

Estevez is the first player to transfer from the Canadian Premier League to Europe, has three international caps and according to reports he possesses “Exceptional ball control, touch and vision”, which is a pretty favourable assessment.

Hopefully it won’t be mission impossible for the Toronto born young gun II soar like a mighty duck and find the way to the Netherlands then enjoy breakfast club. If he can play well in a late kick off then the public might provide their opinion, a sort of… judgment night!

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