The Premier League is Back!

Premier League football returns tomorrow. Fans will be able to follow on TV (Including free to air), radio and online text. I’ve really enjoyed watching highlights of Germany’s Bundesliga since its restart. I know that a lot of people are disappointed by the lack of atmosphere. Some people think that matches have a training ground feel and they’d prefer to be there in person. Of course I wish that people could enjoy attending games and honestly, I think they soon will. Ultimately though, I enjoy the core product… football. Having no fans means that the you can focus exclusively on the action, the ability and quality displayed. You don’t have to put up with cameras constantly cutting to the crowd or seeing people make a w^*^*r gesture every time a player goes near the side of the pitch. If I attend a music gig then I want to hear the quality of the music. I don’t need somebody chit chatting next to me during the performance. If there’s some screens showing fans or crowd noise being played at matches then that’s fine.

The Championship will be back too. Leeds United will require an epic disaster not to return to the Premier League… but you wouldn’t put it past them! West Bromwich Albion are also well placed but by no means guaranteed to achieve promotion. Managers Marcelo Bielsa and Slavan Bilic strike me as the right sort of characters to help see their teams home though.

Serie A will soon join the Bundesliga and La Liga in being back as well… you’ll have to wait if you’re a Ligue 1 fan though!

I hope that everybody is able to enjoy the football wherever it may be and even if things around the edges are a little different. Will home advantage matter? What about the summer heat or additional substitutes? How will these effect the game?

Life is, with understandable caution, on the road to recovery and professional sport is a critical part of that. Stay safe and enjoy the footy!

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