Career Watch: #1) Luca Gagliano

Welcome to a new feature that’s somewhat of an expanded version of One to Watch. In years to come, I intend to provide at least a brief update of how the future (Or past!) has panned out for all those players to have featured in my One to Watch Series. In Career Watch, I’ll go even further. I’m going to commit to providing an annual career update for a particular player and the lucky chosen one is… Luca Gagliano (The title of this article may have given it away!).

Gagliano is a 19-year-old striker on the books of Serie A side Cagliari (Contracted until June ‘21) who’s made the bench a few times but is yet to grace the turf in Italy’s top tier. He does however have 25 minutes of Coppa Italia action under his belt. He’s been productive in front of goal at youth level (See link below) and it’ll be interesting to see whether we’ve got a future Italian international on our hands, a lower league nomad or something in between! Fingers crossed for the former.

So, it’s over you Luca. No pressure!

Disclaimer: I’d provide the link to his Wikipedia page but… he doesn’t have one!

Also, when I started writing this article, Cagliari were 3-0 up at home and I genuinely thought that he might, fittingly, make his league debut. Having saved my draft, I checked the score again, only to see that Torino had clawed their way back to 3-2 and likely resigning our man Luca to being nothing more than a spectator. Cagliari soon scored a fourth with manager Walter Zenga using all five subs… Gagliano not amongst them. All in good time!

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