One to Watch: #9) Adrien Thomasson

26-year-old Adrien Thomasson was a regular in the Nantes side when I really got in the habit of following my wife’s home team. Like most of the players in yellow, he was frustrating to watch. He could clearly play but just like Adryan, Kolbeinn Sigthorsson, Emiliano Sala and the rest, putting the ball in the back of the net between them wasn’t easy!

Since relocating east, Thomasson has found that all too often elusive end product with far more regularity. Having scored 9 goals in 99 games for Les Canaris, the former Evian winger has netted 8 times already in his premier campaign with Strasbourg. That campaign obviously ended prematurely but some of France‘s big clubs have taken note of Thomasson’s development. Marseille and Lille, both of whom will be playing in Europe next season, are rumoured to be interested.

Another interesting caveat about Thomasson is his international eligibility. Representing France may be a little ambitious but as his name suggests, he’s of Swedish descent. I believe his father is French born so am not sure how far back the French born element goes, so he may or may not be eligible to represent the Scandinavians. More relevant however is the fact that his mother is Croatian and that Thomasson himself holds dual nationality. Whether or not Croatia coach Zlatko Dalic knows this is unclear. Thomasson has expressed great interest in representing Croatia but of course if getting into a World Cup winning squad would be hard enough for Thomasson then getting into the runner-up’s squad shouldn’t be taken for granted either!

Hopefully Thomasson’s exploits this season (Or last season?!) weren’t a flash in the pan and he can reproduce those kind of performances (Though not against Nantes!) and maybe earn international recognition. He’s one to watch…

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