Dream Team: My Team for 2020-21

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Above is my Dream Team for the 2020-21 season.

For those of you that aren’t in the know, in Dream Team players accrue points via performances not only in the Premier League but in the FA Cup and League Cup as well as the Europa League and Champions League. I’ve mixed it up between a few players that are in Europe and some players that I just like for one reason or another. I’ve also selected two teams for my daughters which are detailed below:

Daughter One’s Team:

Daughter Two’s Team:

All teams have four players that will be competing in Europe alongside a mixed bag of teammates including some of my favourite players. I wanted to keep it fair across all three teams and enjoy it. My daughters and I will be competing in our usual ten team league with other family members. My wife picked her own team and it looks alarmingly strong!

If I was providing serious advice then I’d suggest selecting an XI almost entirely from players that will be playing in European competition packed with as many set-piece takers as possible.


I’ll update you in May 2021 as to how I got on.

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